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24 hr Website & Instant Download




24 hr Website & Instant Download


How do I use this website?

This website is tailored to Art Department needs.

– Search for the images you want. In THE SHOP, you can search multiple filters, to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.
– Check the Production Licence Agreement above, that it suits your needs. It has been created especially by a leading Film Law Practice, with Production needs in mind.
– Add your chosen files to the basket and go through to CHECKOUT.
– Complete your Payment, including the name of the Production and your Production Company in the text fields provided.
– Receive via email your FILE to download, your customised LICENCE AGREEMENT and payment INVOICE.



Do you clear all files with the Artist / Designer?

Yes, subject to our terms. In terms of Artworks, we have individually sought Clearance from every Artist before adding them to our Collection. In the case of Historical Artworks in public domain, we have worked with collections who research and whom have also restored the scans to optimal print quality.

In terms of Graphics, we offer graphics that use cleared/public domain imagery. Names have either been cleared by us (from the listed date) or our contributing graphic designers have assured us of the cleared nature, for incidental dressing. We highly recommend that each Production and GD seeks due diligence in checking, as we can not guarantee that at time of purchase the clearance will still stand. Please see our Production Licence Agreement below, for details of exactly what we offer. Our Licence is thorough, robust and based on typical needs of a Production.


What size are the images?

Our artwork files are various sizes, with the file size often reflecting the size of the original artwork. We have listed our recommended print size on each listing, based on a 300dpi quality print – this is an estimation, and often fine art files can be printed at a larger size at a slightly lower dpi.


What are the Terms & Conditions for The Cleared Folio?

Our Website Terms of Use can be found here.


What is your Production Licence Agreement?

Please find our Production Licence Info Page here.


I'm an Artist / Graphic Designer - How do I submit my work to the site?

We are thrilled that you’re interested in joining us – please read below for steps towards joining The Cleared Folio:
Visit our Contact Page and message us through the form.
Or drop us an email to:
hello@theclearedfolio.com titled ‘Artist Submission’
or  titled ‘Graphics Submission’ in the header.
Please include a link to your website or thumbnail images of a small selection your work. If we think your work could be a good fit, we will get straight back to you with the next steps.
Also we have a search filter ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’ for a quick search. If you are specifically looking for large format printing such as billboards, please email and we will endeavour to help.
We aim to be a highly cost effective and convenient alternative to larger Art Licensing Houses.

For packaging, our graphics are mostly created to the correct size and ready to print – for example, a road sign vector, would be sized to the correct measurements.
Our other graphic files have the flexibility and detail to print to your desired size.



What's your Privacy Policy?

You’ll find our Privacy Policy here.